Why Nazar Charmed Koska?

Koska is not just the name of a neighborhood

Sometimes it is a gift to make our loved ones happy, sometimes a show of affection and sometimes a wish to hold on to the precious values carried from the past to the present…

For over a century, Koska has been making the most delicious and highest grade halva and other traditional delicacies, the guest of honor at our tables. With a growth trend allowing the commercial predictions and vision of the new generation responsible of the brand’s many accomplishments for three generations, Koska operates as two different companies today: the first company dates back to Denizli in the 1900s and was established in Istanbul’s Koska neighborhood in 1931. The Koska Family, which continues production with the different vision brought by the third generation’s new management in 1983, puts particular emphasis on customers’ opinions. As a result of customers’ suggestions, to emphasize the existence of two different Koska companies and to prevent any brand confusion, Koska Helvacısı Merter included a nazar charm to its logo in 2010 as a nostalgic reference to our traditional flavors.

To help our customers better differentiate between the two companies’ products and service quality, as Merter Helva, we placed a nazar charm into the letter ‘O’ of our logo. Because we believe our customers have the right to know the manufacturing location, conditions and qualities of the products they consume.

‘Nazar Charmed’ Koska is proud of putting out products with the enthusiasm of its very first day with its third generation management at its state-of-the-art new facilities on the Avcılar-Ambarlı Junction stretching over 11 thousand square meters, with 22 thousand square meters of indoor space.