Manufacturing Policy


Starting from just a small candy shop by renovating all its production, machinery and equipments with the latest technology, KOSKA increased its production capacity and quality. Alongside halva, Tahini, molasses, jam, honey, Turkish delight, wafer, croquant, pishmaniya, hazelnut spread with cocoa, and traditional Turkish desserts, they have added numerous products to the Turkish food market as a result of the intensive efforts of the food engineers in their fully equipped modern laboratories.

KOSKA have never compromised their quality tradition since their establishment, they received the ISO 9002 Quality Certificate in 2000, HACCP hygiene certificate in 2002, and in 2008 received the last version of ISO 9000 certificates, ISO 22.000, following this they received the BCR Certificate, Kosher Certificate (the Quality Certificate given by Israel or America indicating that no animal products are used and precise hygienic production is adhered to), Quality Certificate from the British Vegetarian Association, and finally the Halal certificate (the certificate indicating that the product is suitable to Islamic dietary laws which control the preparation of food) allowing products to be supplied to the Middle East and Gulf countries. KOSKA recognizes that in addition to quality and taste one of the most important elements of the production line is to supply hygienic conditions. All areas of the factory, employees and products are suitable to the highest hygiene standards (HACCP).