Quality Policy


Customer Satisfaction:

It aims at keeping the “customer satisfaction” at the highest level under all conditions by considering current and future expectations and needs of our customers. It resolves customer complaints with its customer-oriented working principle by addressing them in an effective and efficient way.


Continuous development:

It creates new projects for continuous development, and it puts them into practice; it uses customer complaints as an auxiliary tool for process development. It adopts continuously improving and developing all of our processes from our suppliers to our customers as a principle. It enables continuous development with periodic revisions of Integrated Management System objectives and investments made to its employees, quality and food safety, environment, occupational health and safety, and with regular internal audits. 


Food safety:

It fully meets the expectations of its customers and domestic and foreign markets within its field of activity, and offers healthy and safe food that can be consumed safely by producing them in accordance with the food legislation, laws and authenticity. 

It implements the requirements of quality and food safety management system with the contribution of all employees within the responsibility feeling.


Environmental and Social Responsibility Consciousness:

It abides by the environmental and relevant laws and legislations related to its field of activity, social value judgments and rules, it pays attention to management of wastes in compliance with requirements, encouragement of recycling and reusing wastes, and the protection of environment, and it bears responsibility for the future of the world we live in.



Occupational Health and Safety

Providing a working environment where dangerous situations that our employees may be subject to are defined, evaluated, controlled and announced to all employees. Making material selection that is appropriate to occupational health – safety in the selection of equipment, raw material and work tool. Providing educational support needed within the scope of our personnel’s responsibility. Reviewing OHS danger and risks of our activities periodically. Creating and maintaining emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, civil defense etc.) action procedures and the opportunities regarding the continuance of work, and minimizing emergency risks. Developing appropriate occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with the laws, regulations and by-laws on occupational safety, and strengthening it with continuous improvements.